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  • AWSKRUG - AWS Korea User Meeting

    AWSKRUG - AWS Korea User Meeting

    This group is a regular meeting and small meeting management site of AWS Korea User Meeting (AWSKRUG) and will upload the latest activities and events. For more details.

  • Cross Platform Korea

    Cross Platform Korea

    It is a group that deals with various cross-platform technologies such as React Native, Flutter, and MAUI. Various collective intelligence groups covering cross-platform technology.

  • Dev Korea

    Dev Korea

    Bridging Cultures and Tech. Welcome to Dev Korea, a unique gathering designed to unite local tech enthusiasts and international guests interested in the tech scene in Korea. Whether you're a native, working or just visiting, our meetups aim to provide a dynamic platform to exchange ideas, learn, and network in English.

  • FreeCodeCamp Seoul

    FreeCodeCamp Seoul

    We are the Seoul chapter of a global coding community that welcomes anyone interested in coding, as well as coders of all levels of backgrounds. We regularly meet in-person to learn, share knowledge, ask questions, help each other, get feedback, network, talk about careers, and build things together.

  • Seoul iOS Meetup

    Seoul iOS Meetup

    Join the #1 international community dedicated to Apple platforms development. Through presentations, workshops, and networking opportunities, Seoul iOS Meetup aims to foster collaboration, inspire innovation, and support the growth of the iOS/macOS/iPadOS/watchOS developer community in the region. This community use English as the base language for better inclusion and knowledge sharing.

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