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  • The logo of Gwanghwamun.


    Gwanghwamun Administrative Firm provides consulting on government support, legislative matters, certifications for businesses and products, public project compensation, establishment of corporations and organizations, forensic investigations, dispute resolution, civil servant appeals, administrative litigation, and immigration services.

  • The logo of Hanseek.


    We maximize your K-food experience through personalized recommendation. Have you ever visited Korea and... - Got overwhelmed by unfamiliar and vast amount of Korean food? - Were confused by lack of information in each of the menu? - Had trouble communicating with local restaurants due to language barrier? HanSeek started to provide you with a seamless experience from finding your food to check-out. - AI-based food recommendation system - Information on each menu & local restaurants - One-stop checkout system through the app

  • The logo of KOHO | Korean Home.

    KOHO | Korean Home

    KOHO is a forward-thinking platform dedicated to revolutionizing the foreigner housing experience in Korea.KOHO is on a mission to simplify the search for comfortable, affordable, and culturally immersive living spaces for foreigners. Our comprehensive range of services spans from finding the perfect apartment to facilitating smooth moves, utility setups, and personalized aftercare support. We are driven by the goal to empower both newcomers and long-term residents in Korea to find their ideal homes effortlessly, while fostering a strong sense of community and connection. At KOHO, we combine cutting-edge technology with human-centered service to create a seamless housing journey for foreigners in Korea. Join us in shaping a vibrant, accessible, and inclusive living environment that not only benefits individuals but also contributes positively to the Korean culture, economy, and tourism.

  • The logo of Shared Homies.

    Shared Homies

    At Shared Homies, our mission is to provide a welcoming and affordable shared living experience for internationals in Korea. We strive to create a sense of community and belonging, where our homies can connect and create lifelong friendships.