Senior Frontend Developer

Worldwide (Remote) • Full time

  • React Native

Comet Cash is revolutionizing the way people access and manage their finances worldwide. With a commitment to financial inclusion, our app provides seamless, innovative financial services, including payment solutions, global remittance, cryptocurrency transactions, and wealth growth opportunities. Our mission is to bridge financial gaps and offer equal opportunities for all, leveraging the latest technologies to create a user-friendly platform that caters to diverse financial needs.

Position Overview

We're on the hunt for a Senior Frontend Developer with a rich background in React Native and a passion for creating intuitive, dynamic user interfaces. This role is pivotal in enhancing our app's frontend features, improving user experience through animations, and ensuring seamless integration with backend services. You'll work closely with our team of developers, designers, and product managers to drive the development of our app's frontend, ensuring it's both functional and visually appealing.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop and maintain high-quality frontend features for our app, focusing on performance and user experience.
  • Implement complex animations using Reanimated API or Animated from React Native, enhancing the app's interactivity.
  • Utilize Redux, especially RTK Query and Middlewares, to manage the app's state efficiently.
  • Contribute to the development with React Native, ensuring at least 5 years of experience in building scalable and maintainable apps.
  • Work with Expo Bare Workflow, managing automated builds, tests, OTA updates, and Expo updates.
  • Integrate and manage notifications using platforms like Firebase.
  • Engage in pair programming and assist in integrating new team members, fostering a collaborative development environment.
  • Lead the creation and maintenance of unit and end-to-end tests to ensure the app's reliability and quality.
  • Stay updated with the latest React and Next.js features, especially the APP routes from the Next.js 14 release.


  • 5+ years of experience with React Native.
  • In-depth knowledge of Redux, particularly RTK Query and Middlewares.
  • Experience with animations in React Native, using either Reanimated API or Animated.
  • Familiarity with the Nostr protocol is a plus.
  • Must have knowledge of the Expo Bare Workflow, including automated build and test CI processes, OTA, and Expo updates.
  • Good understanding of React and Next.js, especially in terms of application routing.
  • Experience with a notification messaging platform like Firebase.
  • Proven ability to work in a team setting, including pair programming and onboarding new developers.
  • Strong background in software testing (unit tests, end-to-end tests).