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CJ Bioscience

Global No.1 Microbiome Company

CJ Bioscience is pioneering development of next-generation biopharmaceuticals for microbiome health with its leading edge in the field of ‘Wellness’. We aim to provide healthcare solutions for unmet medical needs by examining the relationships between human microbiomes and various diseases. In addition, CJ Bioscience, which uses leading world-class bioinformatic analysis technology, will discover promising candidates that can be used in the treatment of incurable diseases, and accelerate the development of new drugs utilizing our ‘Ez-Mx™ Platform’ to become the global No. 1 microbiome company.

Microbiome We plan to enter clinical trials (Phase 1) of a new drug development pipeline for treatment of immuno-oncology, autoimmune, and CNS (Central Nervous System) diseases and to promote technology export through joint research with Big Pharma. Also, we are constructing a ‘Ez-Mx™ Platform’ by expanding on cohort studies (comparative disease research) and securing global microbiome big data.

The next generation of genomic analysis We plan to expand our business area from next generation sequencing (NGS)-based microbiome genomic analysis to microbial infection diagnosis. We will further upgrade our state-of-the-art NGS and bioinformatics (BI) total solution services. We are expanding the global business capabilities of EzBioCloud, a global standard bioinformatic analysis service made for researchers combining a curated microbiome database and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, and TrueBacID, the world's first genome-based infection diagnosis service. In addition, through the global launch of Gut Inside, an intestinal.