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cloudyBoss Global is a leading provider of Enterprise and Industrial-grade Blockchain solutions for a multitude of different client sectors within the SME, Corporate, and Government segments. Clients’ sectors span across multiple industries and ICT market niches such as ESG, 3rd party logistics, manufacturing, cybersecurity, automation, data- sharing, IoT/IIoT, and beyond. cloudyBoss leverages its own proprietary SKYE Blockchain protocol, and its NEXT+ DLT Platform to provide unique value propositions for each client, end-client, and end-user.

Now, cloudyBoss Korea is looking to expand its team as we enter into the scaling phase within the Korea Market, focus on the development of our SaaS platform focused on ESG and AI, and raise Venture Capital. Thus, we are looking local talent to support us in such expansion process while becoming a core team member for the Korean and global markets.