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i-ESG is an ESG specialized AI/Big data-enabled B2B SaaS solution. ESG is a rapidly growing regulated sector. By providing a data-driven integrated ESG management solution using innovative technologies, i-ESG supports companies to effectively respond to ESG-related requirements from various stakeholders.

i-ESG provides an All-In-One ESG digital solution enabling companies to know, manage, and deliver ESG better.

i-ESG covers including but not limited to ESG Self-Assessment, Materiality issue identification, ESG Reporting Automation, AI-driven Improvement Feedback, ESG Management Dashboard, ESG Intelligence, GHG Emission Management.

i-ESG is a customer-centric company, where clients benefit from data-driven solutions for their sustainable growth.

  • i-ESG is fast (at least 6 times faster)
  • i-ESG is easy (no professional knowledge or prior-experience required)
  • i-ESG is reasonable (up to 95% of cost savings)
  • i-ESG is unbiased (based on the data utilization technology patents)
  • i-ESG is reliable (a corporate venture of Fortune 500)