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JAKGA builds productivity apps that help people be more productive, save time, and improve their work-life balance.

We're looking for people to join us on our journey to create the best workplace possible. We want to be a team that is always learning new tools and ways of working, applying new skills to development, and growing our service and our members together.



Our mission is to revolutionize the modern workplace by ensuring that the right tools and knowledge are effortlessly accessible, fostering an environment where productivity thrives, regardless of location.


MacOS and Windows, iOS and Android, and Prospace

Value & Culture

Creativity and innovation

Imitation is the best form of learning. But imitation is only a learning tool. A copycat will never be first-rate. We don't make products that look like everyone else's. We always want to make something better than what's already out there, something new and creative.

Efficiency and productivity

Jakgas are lazy. We're constantly looking for and implementing ways to do more with less. When we rest, we rest without interruption, and when we work, we work intensely. We're people who enjoy our work. I believe that people who enjoy and find their work rewarding do a better job. We get enough rest for peak productivity and strike the right balance between work and personal life.

Autonomy and accountability

Each member of JAKGA is a creative product maker, a Jakga, and a world-changing innovator. We're not just people who passively do what we're told, we're people who actively voice our opinions and discover work on our own. We take responsibility for our own areas and work autonomously.

Spirit of Revision

Every writer's first draft is a dud, but what makes their first draft a masterpiece is that they tweak and refine it until it is. Bugs and mistakes are natural. Let's start with a light-hearted "first draft" and then tinker and tinker and tinker with the eye of a demanding artist, a relentless perfectionist.


Our adventure to change the world will be a marathon, and it will require a steady pace, consistency, routine, and self-care to avoid burnout. Continuous learning is a must to become an unbeatable professional. And don't forget to exercise for your brain and health!

Ethics and social values

Many companies pursue corporate profits to the detriment of the common good of the human community. Some companies develop irritating and addictive algorithms to increase users' screen time, disrupting their daily routines and encouraging them to lose track of time, while others exploit sellers or workers for competitive pricing.

JAKGA researches and executes in ways that benefit the company, its employees, customers, and humanity. We refuse to be a profit-driven company and create products that benefit people, services that support individuals and advance human civilization. JAKGA's colleagues work with the mindset of contributing to humanity.