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Step off the beaten track and go Kooky! Let your passion grow your artists!

“Kpop fans are often told their passion is craziness, however Kooky is a space where you can find a community of like-minded fans, and let your passion lead the way. Step off the beaten track and go Kooky! Embrace the passion inside you, and let that flame become the fuel to help your artists grow!”

Kooky is a platform for fans to turn their passion into active support that helps to grow their favourite artists, both new and old. They can support artists by actively participating in the album creation of small rookie/indie artists, voting for their favourite artists as a community to win awards that help boost their artists recognition, and earn their own personal rewards.

Kooky also provides unique content and support opportunities for fans and artists alike. Kooky has exclusive Kooky Magazine & Kooky TV content for fans to enjoy, as well as lots of projects that fans can actively participate such as birthday and anniversary banner events. Whereas artists both big and small can grow their audience by creating exclusive content and connecting directly with their fans.