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  • 51-200 EMPLOYEES

We build technology that improves our lives offline We create technology for a better offline life.

Miso is a fast-growing O2O (Online 2 Offline) platform startup that started with the industry's No. 1 household cleaning service and received investment from Y-Combinator in Silicon Valley. Thanks to steady growth every year, we are expanding the overall home service area such as moving and interior as well as living cleaning. We want to become a lifestyle platform that immediately comes to mind when it comes to home services so that anyone can easily book services, just like buying things online.

Work hard on the “Right Things” Aiming at innovation that changes customers' daily lives, we put our customers first rather than doing what we do for today's company, and focus on the right thing. We are running passionately, keeping three values under our smile.

"We put our customers first."

Start from the customers. Smiles can exist because there are customers, so all decisions are made based on customers.

Simplify. We seek simplicity. Services should be easy to see and use so that customers can focus on what makes them happy.

We obsess about the details. We seek perfection. We pay attention to details for the best experience.

"Set a goal, share it, and do it."

Dream big. Dream big and set high goals. We aim for a true sense of achievement when we achieve a seemingly impossible goal with steady effort.

Move fast. Decide and act quickly. We make decisions at the right time and do not delay to achieve our goals.

Know your numbers. Communicate based on data. In order to achieve the goal, we quantify and clearly recognize the current situation.

"We insist on the highest standards."

Radical candor. Looking in the same direction, we grow together. We give and receive feedback and communicate with an open mind regardless of rank and position.

Work with people better than you. With the best colleagues. With colleagues who can stimulate and learn from each other, you can aim for a higher standard every moment.

Spend money like it's your own. We aim for healthy consumption to improve work efficiency. Based on autonomy and responsibility, we provide the right to decide consumption and create successful results through this.


Established Miso in August 2015 In June 2016, Y Combinator attracted KRW 3.1 billion investment Exceeded 1 billion monthly transaction amount in April 2017 Accumulated transaction volume exceeded 20 billion in November 2017 September 2018 Series A 9 billion investment attraction Achieved 1 million cumulative orders in December 2018 Launched companion animal care service in April 2019 September 2019 Launched 360-degree moving estimate service December 2019 Home service quotation service launched Exceeded 2 million cumulative orders in January 2020 Selected as ‘100 Promising Companies’ by Forbes Asia in August 2021 In April 2022, 5 million cumulative orders and 350 billion accumulated transactions exceeded