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  • 6-10 EMPLOYEES

oneCHARGE, a Hong Kong-based start-up company founded in 2017, is here to accelerate the development of EV infrastructure and dedicated to developing innovative hardware and software technology that give EV owners, property owners and developers, government, charging network operators, car manufacturer and fleet operator total control of EV chargers and charging stations through their smartphone and browser. Our EV chargers, combined with the oneCHARGE APP for iOS and Android, comprise users unparalleled levels of control and information over their charging experience, all delivered with reasonable pricing, and easy-to-use package experience.

Capitalising on the rising interest in the driving electric that has catapulted EV infrastructure into a $1.5 billion market and growing, and the demand for affordable EV and EV charging solutions in a market is currently controlled by expensive, high-maintenance and inaccessible charging systems. oneCHARGE is positioned to become an undisputed leader in the connected EV charging solution market in the years to come.

Just about a year after our company’s inception, oneCHARGE has already made tremendous progress toward our goal of providing simple, affordable, accessible EV charging systems. After Cyberport Creative Micro Fund and Cyberport Incubation Programme granted $100,000 and $330,000 respectively which served as powerful proof of oneCHARGE’s concept recognised by the technology experts. oneCHARGE has been accepted into some accelerator programmes run by some of the leading names in tech and innovation, including ARM Accelerator, 3 Hong Kong, and Hong Kong Science and Technology Park.