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  • 6-10 EMPLOYEES

At Project Pluto, we believe the explosive union of AI and Automation will realize 100x productivity.

  1. Our mission is to realize 100x Productivity with AI to automate being human.

This is most pronounced in the media industry, where news content generation is most capital-intensive, labor-intensive, and inefficient.

  1. We are leading the Media Revolution with LLM Technology.

Our Founders have strong domain expertise in Finance, Tech and Media. With combined 20+ years of Wall Street and Silicon Valley experience at top firms, we understand what it takes to build efficient workflow, accelerate productivity, maximize ROI.

  1. A world where every news is fully automated & personalized.

We envision a world where technology brings a hyper-personalized media where every news is not only automated, but elevated - more timely, more relevant, more insightful to each and every individual.