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RadiSen is a pioneer in Digital Radiography (DR), developing advanced medical digital image sensors and image processing technologies. We offer complete DR solutions, including portable X-ray machines, SmartPDX with AI-embedded diagnostic software, DiRuxView, and AXIR.

We aim to deliver a cost-effective yet sophisticated diagnostic solution, using cutting-edge hardware and software to empower healthier communities worldwide. Through strategic partnerships with medical institutions, enterprise imaging companies, and NGOs/NPOs, we actively contribute to screening hundreds of thousands of patients globally.

Currently, our operational footprint spans over 70 sites worldwide, where RadiSen's DR solution provides instant AI results for patient triage and a second look to assist radiologists, setting new standards for diagnostic efficiency and patient care.

At RadiSen, our commitment is to elevate global healthcare quality. Together, let's make digital radiology services accessible and affordable for everyone.