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Second Syndrome: Hyperspace Life Company

Welcome to Second Syndrome, South Korea's top self-storage operator, where innovation meets practicality. Since 2016, we've been redefining space utilization to match modern lifestyles.

🌟 Why Choose Us:

Extensive Network: 80 sites nationwide, the largest in South Korea.

Trusted Membership: Serving a robust community of 43,000 members.

Exceptional Retention: A high service reutilization rate of 91.6% speaks to our customer satisfaction.

🚀 Innovative Edge:

Unmanned Operations: Pioneering in self-developed unmanned operating solutions for efficiency and reliability.

DaLock Brand: Our automated storage and logistics solution seamlessly integrates storage with modern digital convenience.

ðŸ’Ą Adapting to Change: We understand the evolving residential needs in Korea. Our self-storage facilities offer a practical solution, enabling more efficient and comfortable living spaces.

🔝 Leading the Industry: As Korea's No. 1 self-storage brand, we're setting industry standards in personal storage logistics, especially in major urban areas.

Embrace a spacious and efficient lifestyle with Second Syndrome. Experience the future of space optimization today.