Senior Backend Engineer

Seoul (On-site) • Full time

  • Python
  • Back-end

The key goals we expect are as follows:

Tridge's Backend Application Engineer solves various business requirements and technical issues that arise in the international trading platform.

Due to the nature of the trading platform that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for users distributed around the world, Tridge's Backend Engineers understand the complexity of trade business logic as well as web development capabilities, and improve availability and localization (translation, time difference, etc.) The ability to think in an integrated way is also required.

As such, as the backend engineers of Tridge deal with large amounts of data and difficult problems to solve, the impact that the engineering team creates is most aligned with the company's vision to resolve information imbalances, data structures, algorithms, caching, It is a position where explosive growth is possible by handling various technologies from infrastructure to infrastructure.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to

  • Contribute and take ownership in the backend implementation of our products: “Back Office” and “Consumer-facing Product”
  • Have a direct contributions in the technical directions of the Backend
  • Contribute to the scaling of our product and Engineering team
  • Participate in Code reviews to guarantee a good and stable codebase
  • Collaborate with our Product Division to implement the best strategies
  • Mentor Junior engineers to promote productivity and growth
  • Be given opportunities to solve a variety of technical problems ranging from Application Design, Infrastructure Ecosystem, Large Dataset analysis, Localization

Required Technical and Professional Expertise are

  • An experience of building Backend for Web Applications for at least 3+ years (any stack)
  • Familiarity with DevOps practices and infrastructure
  • Experience with Python and Django (or Flask)
  • Experience in database modeling based on business requirements

Not a must, but better if

  • Experience with GraphQL and its server-side implementation
  • Knowledge and experience in general software architecture(DDD, Clean Architecture, etc.)
  • Experience with leading Backend design decisions from Design Review to Deployment
  • Ability to speak and write in English (Business level required but fluency is not needed)

Please check before you apply

  • Recruitment Type : full-time (3 months probationary period)

  • Working hours: Mon – Fri, 09:00 – 19:00

  • Location: 226 Bangbae-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul

  • Documents to Submit: Resume (required), Portfolio (required)

  • Application Format: Korean or English / Free Format / PDF

  • Expired certificate is invalid and recruitment may be canceled if the contents of the application cannot be validated

Tridge is where you can take part in solving the most complex global challenge with the best talents, and contribute in making an impact that will benefit all actors involved in the global agricultural industry.

We want to work with people with high ideals. Tridgers have not joined solely in search for "the best company", "a fast-growing company," or "a company looking for a high level of ownership". These are only the "Hows" of getting to our most fundamental goal: to solve the systematic problems that are widespread worldwide, notably "information asymmetry", "market inequality", "income inequality", and "agency problems" that many have come to accept as nearly impossible to solve due to the complexities surrounding these problems. Despite challenges, Tridgers seek to tackle these agendas by coming up with innovative ideas that can reshape dynamics in the trade for food and agriculture sector in a sustainable, economically efficient and practical way based on our technological competence and extensive pool of data. We hope the impact we make reaches people worldwide and benefits the population at large. As much as the problems we need to solve are complex, we are looking for the best talents who can work efficiently with great focus, sense of ownership and responsibility. Our talents are the foundations that make up who we are.

Tridge would like to work with talents with a wide-range of skill sets, a sense of drive to achieve goals, and above all, someone who is eager to find motivation in life by interacting with other Tridgers with the same passion. You can rediscover the value that a day may bring through the daily conversations and actions that you can take at Tridge.

Tridge is the Forerunner in Trade Digitalization:

  • Data-driven intelligence: +11.6B Product Data Points, +0.6 Billion Price Data Points and +11.5 Billion Trade Data Contact Management
  • Trusted online reputation: +18K Insight of Market Intelligence attracting 1,000K of Global Top Tier Business Traffic
  • Wide & In-depth coverage : Global Supply Chain developed with +1,200 product categories, 500 transactions happening real-time
  • Trust-based Fulfillment : Provides one-stop agricultural trade solutions based on processes ensuring transparency