Software Engineer, AI/ML

Seoul (On-site) • Full time

  • Machine Learning
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SOFTWARE ENGINEER (Front-end, Back-end, Full-stack, AI/ML)

We are an early stage, VC-backed AI startup, GROWING SUPER FAST.

We are on a mission to realize 100x Productivity with LLM technology to automate being human. We believe that LLM will fundamentally change the way we consume and produce media, accelerating the consumer trend of hyper-personalization. Our Founders have a track record of scaling a service to millions of consumers in media content. With combined 20+ years of Wall Street and Silicon Valley experience at top firms, we understand what it takes to build a world where technology accelerates the next wave of productivity and consumption.

What We Build

🚀 We recently launched an LLM-powered financial news platform, Supernews, with significant user traction. Major news outlets have already started citing us in their articles and our userbase is growing at 100%+ m/m! With Supernews, we envision a world where every news becomes a ‘personalized intelligence’ - more timely, more relevant, and more insightful to everyone.

Your Role as a Software Engineer

SWE roles at Project Pluto cover front-end, back-end, full-stack, and AI/ML Engineering. That is because our Software Engineers are truly jack of all trades, all the while having specific expertise within the AI/ML domain, including developing, fine-tuning, optimizing LLMs and transformer-based architectures.

Our Engineers operate in a full-stack mode, while building & managing LLM pipelines, database, crawling system, API, and language process pipeline. The role requires leading technical design, development, testing, deployment, documentation, and maintenance of end-to-end AI features. You will stay abreast of the latest AI trends, including advanced prompting techniques, AI agent construction, new LLM integration techniques.

At Project Pluto, every engineer will have full autonomy and ownership over high-impact work. Join us at a pivotal moment, shape what we build, and wear multiple hats!

  • Tech stack: TypeScript, React(Web), MUI, gRPC-Web,Node.js, MySQL, Langchain, Pinecone, Kubernetes, Argo CD, AWS, and GCP.

As AI / ML / Software Engineer You Will:

  • Design and develop AI products with user interfaces (client & server), develop algorithms to personalization and other AI-integrated UX features.
  • Manage high quality content generation LLM pipelines incorporating advanced prompt engineering, vector database, and other creative approaches.
  • We have a sophisticated LLM Ops Software developed with our proprietary model architecture, which serves as the foundation for all inhouse AI products. You will be managing and constantly developing to innovate this platform.
  • Develop and execute a comprehensive AI roadmap that aligns with our adopting & customizing machine learning models.
  • Fine-tune latest LLMs for our various production pipelines, e.g. creating AI personas/agents in the fields of Financial Journalism, Financial Analysis, Research, Trading & Investing.
  • Build and manage complex financial data pipelines for training and serving.

Why Project Pluto

⤴️ The J Curve. Embark with us at the start of the J-curve, not midway or the end. Be part of our foundational success. 🌎 We move fast. Fast execution is the lifeblood of startups and we do this well. Experience the 0-to-1 product building process of launching a global service in a fast programming cycle. 🥇 We only tolerate A players. You will be surrounded by the highest caliber colleagues on the Street. We have a zero tolerance policy for mediocrity. We expect excellence for every player in the team and you will be one of them. 👥 Founders with a decade of success record. You will work closely with the founders who have a proven track record of success with delivering cutting-edge products in AI and Finance. 🪴 We are global. You will work on the superscaling projects for global products that service global audiences. Our offices are in Seoul and New York, operating in a truly global team.


  • Base Salary + Equity = Total Comp

We aim to offer top of the market compensation. On top of your cash salary, equity (stock options) will be a big component of the total compensation. Your total comp is reviewed every 6 months based on your performance.

Hiring Process

  1. Resume & Cover Letter* → 2. Fit (Video Call) → 3. Technicals (R1: Coding Test → R2: Problem-Solving Test) → 4. Comp Decision → 5. On board!

*If you don't submit a cover letter detailing why you're interested in the role & the team, we will not consider your application.

*Make your Email Title: “Software Engineer_YOUR NAME” to