Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Seoul (On-site) â€Ē Full time

  • Machine Learning

[ Pioneer in Medical AI ]

RadiSen, headquartered in Seoul, Korea, is at the forefront of the AI-driven healthcare revolution. Our technology is making significant impacts in over 70 global locations. Major health breakthroughs, such as large-scale tuberculosis screening in the Philippines, have been catalyzed by our AI solutions. Our influence extends to over 15 countries, including Indonesia, the Philippines, France, Ethiopia, India, China, Taiwan, Korea and so on. Here, our chest X-ray AI technology is not only saving lives but also redefining healthcare standards. We invite you to join our mission to transform healthcare. RadiSen is looking for passionate individuals ready to utilize AI to improve global health. If you are interested in the cutting edge of medical AI technology, RadiSen is your platform. [ Radisen's Remarkable Research Contributions 🔖 ]

For the past two years, the AI team at Radisen has achieved significant milestones and made impressive strides in the field of medical AI. Here, we highlight some of our most notable works: 📄 In 2024, we will present a conference paper titled 'Pretraining Vision-Language Model for Difference Visual Question Answering in Longitudinal Chest X-rays' at the prestigious MIDL conference! ðŸŽĪ In 2023, we presented at various conferences, including AACRT and RSNA, showcasing our innovative AI solutions. Our presentations included 'Accurate Measurement of Cardio-Thoracic Ratio on Chest X-Rays With Pulmonary Abnormalities Using AI', 'Physics-Based Data Augmentation to Improve Chest X-Ray Abnormality Classification', and 'Machine-Independent AI for Chest X-Ray Abnormality Classification'. 📝 In 2023, our work appeared in esteemed scientific journals. 'Pulmonary Abnormality Screening on Chest X-Rays from Different Machine Specifications: A Generalized AI-Based Image Manipulation Pipeline' was published in European Radiology Experimental and 'Homogenization of Multi-Institutional Chest X-Ray Images in Various Data Transformation Schemes' appeared in the Journal of Medical Imaging. 💞 In 2022, we took to the stage at the Union Conference on Lung Health and RSNA to present 'Domain Agnostic Tuberculosis Screening Using Deep Neural Network for Chest X-Rays' and 'Cascade-Network to Reduce False Positives for Pulmonary Nodule Detection on Chest X-Ray Radiographs' respectively. Join us in celebrating these achievements as we continue to push the boundaries of medical AI! Photo Gallery

ðŸĶū Requirements for Applicants

[ Cultural Compatibility ]

  • The ideal candidate is one who is innately driven and eager to learn new AI technologies. A spirit of curiosity and constant learning is highly valued.

[ Essential Qualifications ]

  • An academic background in the form of a BSc/MS/PhD degree in Computer Engineering or a related field is required. Demonstrable experience through industrial projects, journal or conference publications, or a high-ranking position in an AI competition focusing on the application of computer vision in medical images is highly desirable and considered a significant advantage.

ðŸ‘ū Roles and Responsibilities

  • Embark on the thrilling journey of developing pioneering AI solutions for Radiology and Pathology.
  • Leave your mark in the academic world by publishing groundbreaking research papers, gracing esteemed conferences, and presenting your innovative works.

👀 Working Conditions

[ Working Conditions ðŸĒ ]

  • We offer a full-time role after a three-month exploratory probation period, allowing you to fully immerse in our dynamic work culture.

[ Company Welfare 🏆 ]

  • We believe in sharing our success, which is why we offer stock options as part of our compensation package.
  • We value your well-being and your palate, providing a supportive meal allowance of 10,000 per meal to keep you nourished.
  • We prioritize results over routine, with no stringent commuting times, giving you the flexibility to manage your work-life balance effectively.

ðŸ“Ļ How to Apply

  • Embark on this exciting opportunity by following these steps:
  • Grace us with your resume.
  • Await the outcome of our meticulous review.
  • If selected, prepare for an online interview.
  • Final announcement!
  • Contact email: (Dongmyung Shin, Ph.D.).
  • We eagerly anticipate your submissions!

ðŸĒ Location

  • Seoul National University Venture Town Station (~ May)
  • FASTFIVE at Hapjeong station (June ~)