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🚀 Welcome to Team P99! 🚀

P99, the new development team at Second Syndrome, operates Mini Storage Attic ( The team name is inspired by the server latency percentile 'p99', symbolizing our relentless effort to achieve the top 1% in all our outputs. Additionally, our name signifies that 99% of our development projects are powered by Python, maximizing its powerful features.

🚀 P99’s Mission

P99 aims to fully unleash the potential of Python to lead innovation across various technical areas of Mini Storage Attic, ensuring that the business always operates at the highest 1% level.

🌌 Why Python?

  • Versatility: Python’s extensive ecosystem smoothly covers web development, data analysis, AI, IoT, DevOps, and more.
  • Community and Growth: As part of the global Python community, we contribute to and grow with the Python ecosystem.
  • Simplicity and Power: Python code is concise and readable, yet powerful, making it the preferred technology stack from startups to large corporations.

🛠 What P99 Does

  • Backend Development: We use web frameworks like Django and FastAPI to develop scalable and stable backends.
  • Data Analysis: With Python libraries like Pandas and Matplotlib, we derive data insights and support data-driven decision-making.
  • AI: We implement machine learning models and intelligent solutions using TensorFlow and PyTorch.
  • IoT: We connect online and offline domains in the IoT area using MicroPython.
  • DevOps: We automate and optimize operational workflows using Python scripts based on Boto3, Ansible, Docker, and more.

👥 Become a P99er!

We are looking for passionate Python developers ready to dive into challenging projects across various tech fields.

  • Extensive experience with Python and its ecosystem
  • Understanding of public cloud services like AWS
  • Knowledge of CS fundamentals like networks, data structures, databases
  • Ability to redefine real-world problems and seek technical solutions
  • Experience in a fast-growing organization 👍🏻
  • Open source contribution experience 👍🏻

Employment Conditions⚡

  • Employment Type: Full-time (3-month probationary period)

Hiring Journey🛤️

  • 📜Application Submission
  • 🗣️Job Interview
  • 👫🏻Culture Fit Interview
  • ☺️Final Offer

Please Note‼️

  • Interview results are provided within 7 days.
  • Recruitment procedures may vary depending on the position.